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Andrea Franz, Angela Regan & Katie Fiander: Wanted more positive report on Shutesbury school meeting

To the editor:

We were disheartened to read the depiction of the forum held at Shutesbury Elementary School Monday evening. As parents who attended, we would like to offer another view of the event.

Shutesbury is a close-knit community and we consider our elementary school to be a gem, with devoted staff members providing exceptional education in a safe, nurturing environment for our children. The forum was an opportunity, given to us by Superintendent Robert Mahler, to first hear his thoughts on how the school year is progressing and then to have an open conversation, with Mahler’s guidance, to highlight the ways we can work with Principal Maureen Ryan in an effort to move the school community forward.

As part of this discussion, issues of concern were raised, and we are grateful that parents could share their concerns honestly. Mahler was clear in his intention to work with everyone to rectify these issues. There were also many positive comments made about Ryan, and parents offered ideas and support.

The general sense was that we wanted to work together to support our school community. We are lucky to live in a community where our thoughts and feelings about our children’s school are heard in this way. It was clear that there is a desire among us to come together in an effort to ensure our school continues to be the shining star it already is.

We are grateful to the staff of Shutesbury Elementary. And we are grateful to live in this wonderful town. The graciousness of our school community, and the connection among friends and neighbors, is what really stood out on Monday night.

We wish the reporting that ran in the Gazette reflected more closely what we observed, rather than the more sensationalized version which appeared.

Andrea Franz

Angela Regan

Katie Fiander



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Legacy Comments1

Thank you for taking the time to give your perspectives on the meeting. As parents that have been involved in the school, I appreciate your additional information. Taking the time to write is one of the small acts of kindness and help that is needed. As in starting all new jobs, there is way too much too know, and it takes years to replace a veteran principal. At this time, it will be helpful if the whole community pulls together and asks,"How can I be of some help?" Susie Mosher

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