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Joe Jewett: Gazette not walking the walk?

To the editor:

You had a nice editorial recently urging action on climate change. Good to see our local paper taking a stand. May I encourage you to also walk the walk?

Check out the automotive page every Saturday in the Gazette. The Associated Press reviewer, Ann M. Job, typically extols the virtues of over-priced (how many of us in reach of this paper can afford a $40 K Audi?), overpowered and gas-guzzling rides. By the standards you are urging, 30 mpg as Job often celebrates, is not going to cut it. There used to be a different reviewer but he stopped appearing a couple of years ago. It seemed like he had got religion on this issue and perhaps the car folks wanted him silenced?

Joe Jewett


Legacy Comments3

Dear Editor, Thanks for printing my letter about climate change and your Auto of the week feature in the Saturday Gazette. Just to refresh your memory, here is the link to your editorial of Oct. 18: http://www.gazettenet.com/search/8939419-95/editorial-crossing-a-threshold-on-global-warming I know I wrote another letter last week after the first that I wrote. I'm sorry to have to write again but today I look in the Saturday Gazette and see a feature story on a Chevy Silverado that unfortunately "did not achieve the government numbers, averaging 14.9 mpg on mostly city and country roads". I know that there are contractors and other folks out there who read the Gazette who may need a pick up to move their gear. Mostly what I see as I drive or ride my bike on the roads are pick ups that aren't hauling anything. They are just guzzling gas like the Silverado (with Pandora internet radio, heated steering wheel, two 12-volt and one 110-volt power outlets, leather trimmed sets, etc. -you get the picture?) that Ann Job reviews. Seriously, couldn't you do something about this feature? There is lots to be written about EV cars and hybrids and other choices that we as consumers could make to get ourselves going on our daily rounds. Cars like the Silverado or the Audi Q7or the Buick Enclave (love that name!) are not going to help us deal with your assertion that "the finding is grim and the need for action against greenhouse gases remains clear". We need to start changing our habits now, not in a little while or when it feels a little easier. It is urgent! Your paper can be a forum for promoting the changes that we all need to make. I know that here are economics involved and that it may be cheaper to get a story from AP or that Ann Job comes as a package with other AP stories and features. I would bet that you could get a local person to write about the kinds of vehicles I'm talking about for a competitive fee.

I'm getting my big dividend on my fracking stock this week (AMLP). It goes ex dividend on the 7th and pays out on the 15th. Can't wait! 6% annual yield. Can't beat that. I'm going to support oil and gas companies even more by buying more of this stock soon. Also bought FRAK a few weeks ago. Made alot of money a few years ago on nuclear too. Bought Shaw Industries which makes and maintains nuclear reactors. Drill Baby Drill! I may buy a Hummer soon.

No-one cares, Gary.

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