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Peter Ignatovich: How could we let this happen to our government?

To the editor:

Shame on us, the American electorate. We are putting up with grown men who we elected to keep our country running and are letting them act like a group spoiled brats. It’s time to get on the phone, call our elected representatives and demand that they grow up, begin to act like adults and become statesmen, not partisan bureaucrats. Both parties are holding the American people hostage and we are letting them do it. Shame on us.

This isn’t the kind of government the founding fathers imagined, planned and hoped for. How and why have we let their struggles for a government for, of and by people slip away from us? I don’t have the answer but I do know I still have the dream that those elected will realize the hardship that they’re about to inflict on the people they’re supposed to protect.

Maybe it’s time to start a movement for a new constitutional amendment. One that will stop the salaries of all senators and representatives until they come up with a balanced budget or at least a compromise that will keep things running and avoid letting our country become the world’s biggest deadbeat. I know that’s not going to happen but at least I can dream and hope they will realize the pain and suffering they are about to cause.

Peter Ignatovich


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