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Joshua Mintzer: Agrees with the notion of going separate ways

To the editor:

I feel I must agree with the sentiment in the “Let regions of U.S. go their own way” letter published in the Gazette Tuesday.

From its very inception, and at its deepest core, the United States has been composed of two significantly different cultures/mind-sets, continuously struggling against each other for supremacy, to the point of open warfare. Though the Civil War is 150 years past, the same battles have still been constantly fought with only a few brief respites during times of extreme crisis.

Let’s not assign “superiority” or “inferiority” to one or the other of these two competing ideologies; simply let us concede the point that perhaps there is strong merit in the idea of a “velvet divorce,” where the country amicably agrees to separate into two or more new countries. I strongly suspect we would discover that we make much better neighbors than siblings. There is also a case to be made that local morale would improve and bursts of economic activity would follow in each of these newly formed nations.

Let us not argue for the continuation of the United States in its current form, where the country is so divided that our government is utterly paralyzed and ineffective, simply out of mere nostalgia or blind, hidebound devotion to an ideal that may or may not exist any longer. If there is a logical case to make for continuing the union in its present form, then let us hear it; but at the same time, let us not simply eschew the notion that perhaps it is time for the various regions of the United States to go their separate ways, either. To do so would be to deny an overriding truth: Change is the only constant in life.

Joshua Mintzer



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