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Adam Fisher: Don’t dismiss ‘regions’ proposal out of hand

To the editor:

“Reasonable” people may yelp in fear or outrage or dismissal, but I appreciate the fact that a letter writer took the trouble to verbalize his proposal that the Gazette published Tuesday, “Let regions of U.S. go their own way.”

I don’t agree with the writer, but also I don’t disagree.

And what might be the result if regions of the country became autonomous based on collective regional interests? The proposal may create delight at the conniption fits the money-hungry Pentagon or Department of Homeland Security could throw. But the same proposal can also raise the question of how to deal with a Hurricane Katrina or a BP oil spill that is beyond the financial and legal capacities of any single region. Historians might point to the Civil War as an example of what governmental fragmentation could do. Like a bad marriage or a good one, there are a thousand connective tendrils in the land of unity and fragmentation. And the thought processes can skitter in innumerable and sometimes contradictory directions.

Smug dismissal of this proposal is too top-lofty by half in my opinion. What is good about his proposal is not necessarily the concrete implementation or dismissal of it: What is good about it is that it may encourage a review of how and why we came to the unchallenged conclusion that we were united in the first place. This introspection may require some effort, but I think the effort might be good for the country — whether united or fragmented — and hence worth it.

Adam Fisher



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