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State Sen. Stanley Rosenberg urges all to redouble justice efforts

To the editor:

The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington is, I believe, a bittersweet marker in our nation’s history.

The message of that event, so eloquently punctuated by Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, was to draw attention to the issues of social and economic justice, voting rights and equality for all Americans.

There is little doubt that in the years following Aug. 28, 1963, our nation made great strides in all these areas: the Civil Rights Act of ’64, Voting Rights Act of ’65, increasing access to education and job opportunities for economic advancement.

Unfortunately, there is also little doubt that many of those gains have eroded in recent years: income inequality has grown and the U.S. Supreme Court recently invalidated key provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

The 1963 march was truly a historic event, but if we have learned anything from those who thronged the National Mall that day it is that no single act, no single event, no single individual can make our country a better place. It takes all of us, working constantly, working tirelessly, working together for social and economic progress.

I hope everyone will join me in celebrating the progress we have made even as we redouble our efforts to make certain that the 1963 March on Washington doesn’t become a mere footnote in our history, indicating only what might have been.

State Sen. Stan Rosenberg


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Sorry, I mean North Korea!

Justice is a job. Number 1 priority - Focus in on fostering a climate that grows the economy and creates jobs instead of increasing taxes by $500 million per year. The social justice progressive crowd is going to destroy the country. Heres a great link about what happens in social justice countires where the government is all powerfull. Its hard to believe this kind of stuff is happening in the world but it is. Those are the facts. What happened to the army minister sounds sort of like getting hit by an Obama drone, doesn't it? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/10272953/Kim-Jong-uns-ex-lover-executed-by-firing-squad.html And lest we not forget - Martin Luther King was supposedly a registered Republican.

Wow, looks like someone took his cranky pill this morning (we may need to switch your med regimen, Gary). I don't like to call you a racist, because I know that you find that empowering. But I'm concerned that you got so upset at such innocuous commentary. Since it would be such a tragedy if we lost you, I lose sleep at night thinking about your blood pressure and mental state. Let's take a closer look at this rant for a sec, and see if we can't get some therapeutic insight. You are claiming that, for whatever reason, celebrating civil rights is something that is empowering the political movement that will turn this into a "social justice country" (adorable "fact," by the way) like South Korea. So, if we hadn't had civil rights, then we would not have Obama as president, and everyone would have a job. Is that what you're saying? By extension, if the government were not powerful, and the people left to their own devices, there would be no civil rights. Are you saying that you pine for the days when people were left ot their own devices to discriminate others as will? Is that what the old Hamp that you always pine away for was like? Really?

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