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Alex Kent: Wants to see what Amherst housing developer Cherewatti looks like

To the editor:

Who is James Cherewatti, and how does he manage to remain faceless and unknown in a community where he and his company, Eagle Crest management, have caused disruption and harm?

I am a 12-year resident of downtown Amherst. For years, I have seen Eagle Crest maintenance trucks parked beside some of the more troubling of the off-campus “nuisance houses.” I have read a steady stream of articles and police reports in the Gazette identifying Cherewatti’s properties as party houses.

I recall the controversy that surrounded his plan to demolish a beautiful and historic brick mansion on North East Street. (That plan was ultimately stopped, and he thumbed his nose at the town by erecting a tasteless, oversize hulk of a house behind the existing structure.

And now, I read of the “broken community” Cherewatti is creating by evicting residents of the Echo Village Apartments so he can jack up rents and fill his property with — not surprisingly — high rent-paying undergraduates. Ever alert to maximizing profits is Cherewatti.

What surprises me is that after all these years of Cherewatti’s evident greed and anti-community activity, we know next to nothing about this man. Readers of the Gazette do not even know what he looks like. The Gazette usually illustrates articles with photos of central figures in its reporting, often repeatedly using the same file photo. Not so with Cherewatti.

Is he so camera-shy that we cannot find out exactly who this community-wrecker is?

Come out, Jamie Cherewatti, and show yourself.

Alex Kent



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I don't know. I'm not sure I'd respond to "I really, really dislike you, I know where you live, and now I want your picture."

Here you go, Alex: http://onlyintherepublicofamherst.blogspot.com/2013/01/major-player-expands-empire.html

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