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Izzy Kornblatt: Gazette should cover Springfield instead of hot weather

To the editor:

Springfield’s approval of the proposed MGM Casino is a very big deal for the region. I take that to be self-evident. The project, if approved by the state, will affect hundreds of thousands of people, most importantly the nearly 30 percent of Springfield residents below the poverty line (for better or for worse). It will largely define the city’s, and possibly also the region’s, approach to redevelopment and fighting post-industrial blight.

But it would appear that the Gazette’s news staff does not agree. This paper’s coverage of last week’s vote consisted entirely of two Associated Press stories, one buried inside the paper. AP stories are for giving local newspapers coverage of far-off national and international stories that they can’t cover themselves, and for filling space. Just because something around here is important enough for the AP to cover it doesn’t mean the Gazette should use that story. The Gazette should cover the news itself. That is what newspapers are for.

Meanwhile, the Gazette has recently run no fewer than seven front-page stories, by seven different reporters, about the fact that it was pretty hot last week. “At Hartsbrook Farm on Bay Road this week, the black and white milk cows spent the 95-degree days in the shady barn with eight fans blowing on them” was printed on the front page of this newspaper, because animals standing around is apparently more important than a divisive $800 million casino project.

Springfield is 20 minutes away. Someone should go cover it.

Izzy Kornblatt


Legacy Comments1

I'd agree. Whatever ever happened to investigative reporting, as opposed to weather and sports? Let's face it, the latter two are really boring! They are unfortunately a staple of all local newspapers. Let's break some ground. If Aaron Julien and the Gazette don't cover something that makes us think, somebody online and/or a blogger will. And the irony is somebody I know who lives in Springfield told me the Gazette has a better reputation and wins awards. I don't see it. I don't care if the Gazette has to use news service stories. It would be worth it.

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