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Jason Berg: All override voters cast ballots they believed were justified

To the editor:

With the vote now complete it is important for everyone to remember that Proposition 2½ was enacted in 1982 as a way to give control of the budget to the people. Everyone knew the cost of living would go up more quickly than 2.5 percent a year, but now cities and towns themselves have the power to decide when it is time to spend the money to cover that deficit.

You can buy cheaper foods and use more coupons to help your grocery bill, you can turn your thermostat down, or do only necessary driving and use public transportation when available, but in the end you have to pay for the things you need. Over time, those things will become more expensive. It is up to our community to decide the correct time to balance the deficit that Proposition 2½ purposely created.

Please remember the person next door or down the street who voted differently than you did is still your friend, neighbor and community member.

Everyone who voted enjoyed their right to say how our town can operate.

We will have opportunities in the future to influence the services, property and community values of our town. Until then please remember we are all a part of this community and everyone is doing what they feel is right.

Jason Berg


Legacy Comments1

Boy, your reality is certainly different from mine. I was born here, but this is not MY community. What do I care about the value of my property or my community if I can't afford to live here anymore? I'm disgusted that the well-heeled, self-righteous people can stick their manicured hands in my frayed pockets and take what they think they need for THEIR community. I've had enough, and so have many others. A 'community' takes care of everyone in it, not just the homeless and the wealthy. Sure, if you make a hundred thousand dollars a year, another $300.00 won't even be noticed. What if you make thirty thousand or less? That's a completely different story, one you apparently do not want to recognize. Don't lecture us about 'community.' We are not part of yours.

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