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Dinah Kudatsky: Markey stand clear on reproductive rights

To the editor:

I’m a progressive Democrat and have been closely following our special Massachusetts Senate race to hear both candidates. My vote for Ed Markey will not be merely a knee-jerk, party-line reflex.

As a woman, I’m particularly concerned about Congressional decisions that affect the status and well-being of all women. I marched for the Equal Rights Amendment and our right to choose back in the 1970s. And I want the daughters and granddaughters of my generation to not be cheated out of the advances that my peers fought so long to achieve.

On this, Markey’s positions are clear and steadfast: he has long been a proponent of women’s reproductive freedoms and equal treatment in both pay and health care delivery.

On the other hand, Gabriel Gomez has tried to come down on every side of the issue of women’s choice. Given that he is a Republican, it’s not surprising that he’s “personally pro-life,” that he would have “no litmus test” for the next nominee for the Supreme Court and that a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for the termination of a pregnancy is not unreasonable.

However, other statements call the candidate’s beliefs and integrity into question. When he says he would not “change any laws” and that Roe v. Wade is “settled law,” Gomez is attempting to soften the hard edges of the right-wing’s agenda to an ideological blur.

Reactionary groups know they can’t have Rowe v. Wade overturned until they confirm one or more regressive justices on the high court.

Although superficially a 24-hour waiting period for abortion might seem like a reasonable concession to moderation, it’s a tactic of the anti-choice groups and a slippery slope toward depriving women of their choices and handing their personal, medical and ethical decisions to Congress.

Republicans like to say they’re for freedom and liberty; I’d love to see them concede to women the freedom to control their own bodies and their own health care decisions.

We can count on Ed Markey as our next Senator to champion the choices and health care of women.

Dinah Kudatsky


Legacy Comments1

Hello there, commentor. I CERTAINLY share your passion for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment! I've worked for 3 more state legislatures to ratify ERA so it passes into the US Constitution 18/7 for 13 years now. When I was reminded back then that ERA had barely missed passing by 3 states' votes, I realized we had to spring into action and get this passed now! I founded Natl ERA Alliance and ERA Education (501c3) 13 yrs ago and have worked endlessly with the remaining hard-core Republican states, mostly southeastern, some trailing up the Mississippi River valley, and some rogue Mormon states out west. Let me tell you, this is A VERY TOUGH JOB as all those states are either 50-50 Republican and Dem Or 2/3 Republican, as in Florida where I chew my cheek daily. I also help mentor the 6 other states that file ERA bills and work to gather co-sponsors for our own partnered US House and Senate bill. So, ERA did not pass. It just needs votes to ratify it in 3 more states. Then it will pass into the US Constitution. Please email me, sandyo@PassERA.org, for more information and to cheer me up so I forge ON. We have gradually been successful in Florida and Virginia, but no ratifications yet. We plan to ratify Florida next year, in March. Stay closely tuned. Can you join us there--sure could use hordes of supporters to knock their socks off. Read up on us, the ERA at www.2PassERA.org, the most correct, current, complete site by us folks in the trenches for you for free for 13 years w/Fire in the Belly for Justice in the form of gender-equal treatment codified in US Constituition. Write me? sandy oestreich, President Former elected official Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U, NY, now living in paradise, ST Petersburg FL, The ERA Epicenter

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