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Robin Karlin: Appalled by death of porcupine in road

To the editor:

This past Saturday morning as I drove home from work I made a gruesome discovery. As I drove down Depot Road in Haydenville I found this beautiful adult porcupine dead in the road. She had been living around there for months. I have often gotten out of my car to ferry her across the road least some angry person would want to kill her “just because.” I have often stopped when I see her to admire her up in a tree. So I was quite appalled and saddened to find her in the middle of the road in broad daylight murdered for no reason. These lumbering creatures do us NO harm and do not adversely affect our lives.

With all the killing we have to witness in the media daily why would anyone purposely use their vehicle for this purpose? I hope more people will learn to appreciate the animals around us and let them be.

Robin Karlin D.V.M.


Legacy Comments2

How do you know someone purposely hit the porcupine? How do you know it wasn't the middle of the night and someone didn't see it?

That was the same thought I had - an animal in the road could easily and most likely been killed by accident. This happened once to me - a skunk, unfortunately.

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