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Jane Michaelson: Pick someone new in Senate race

To the editor:

I saw a Markey sign on the lawn today. Why? What has he done for Massachusetts? Liberals have given our tax money to dead people, Russian terrorists and illegals. Try someone new and hold these people accountable.

Jane Michaelson


Legacy Comments1

Just curious, Jane: what brand of tin foil do you use for your little hat? You ask what Markey has done, and then you make a broad-swipe insult at all liberals. You clearly have no clue whatsoever of anything Markey has done or hasn't done. It's easier to sit there in ignorance and make insipid, uninformed comments than face the challenge of elevated discussion, isn't it? Why don't you discuss something Markey has done that you disagree with so that we can engage in an intelligent conversation based on facts and not Fox News lies and Glenn Beck's wet dreams? Here are the things Ed Markey works for (you may disagree with them all...and that's ok, but at least let's have an honest discussion): Marriage equality, clean energy, internet access for all students, opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, investment in green and renewable energy projects, increasing the minimum wage, ending the proliferation of nuclear weapons... Sure, Jane - what's he done for Massachusetts? I guess you could figure it out for yourself if you really had a sincere interest and not just a desire to make empty-headed cracks about Liberals. Grow up.

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