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Marian Wolfsun: Why The Retreat in North Amherst is wrong

To the editor:

I was taken aback by the two letters in support of The Retreat proposed for North Amherst. It is never sufficient to agree to something because “we’ve said no too many times.” By that logic, kindergarteners should plead repeatedly for the right to drive. I mean, after a while — apparently — it’s no longer OK to say no to destructive and hazardous activities.

I supported the thoughtful and carefully planned development of North Amherst that was rejected at the last Town Meeting. I understand it was only a few votes away from passing, which is too bad. I wholeheartedly support carefully thinking about and planning for the growth and future of our town.

But tripling Cushman village’s population — literally overnight — by establishing a new massive student housing project will be an environmental disaster. The area infrastructure simply isn’t sufficient to absorb that kind of population explosion. This is not planned, or intentional, or thoughtful.

We don’t “own” our land — we are protectors of it for the time we are here. We love and want the best for our children. So is it so difficult to love and want the best for our great-great-great-grandchildren?

Please check out the facts for yourself — and don’t be bullied by those who say “stop whining, you reactionary Amherst anti-business curmudgeons.” Every proposal should be decided on its own merit, and this has none.

Marian Wolfsun

Legacy Comments1

Miss Wolfsun, There's no reason it can't be "planned, or intentional, or thoughtful." It's been stated that those against the development have said no too many times, and that there is good reason for saying no. Either there's good logic behind saying no, or we who are not opposed to the development see a better, healthier, and more politically viable future for Amherst.

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