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Tom Beckwith: Government shouldn’t mess with free market system

To the editor:

In general, everything that we buy as consumers has a price based on the cost it takes to construct or produce and deliver to market. Also included is a profit margin for the producer and retailer. Each individual producer does its best to minimize expenses while making products. This helps maximize profits and in turn provides jobs and benefits.

This is a simple economic concept that companies in the United States use to be successful.

The U.S. government and the state of Massachusetts have overstepped their bounds by charging excessive taxes that hinder the success of business. This in turn limits the ability of business to hire employees and provide significant benefits.

The redistribution of wealth policies of the current administration are a direct threat to the free market system. That is the system responsible for the “American Dream” and the “American Success Story.” In the case of the U.S. government, the Obama administration imposes taxes on those who make the most money. These people are also the same entrepreneurs who can provide the most jobs and the most benefits to the American workforce. By overtaxing this group of entrepreneurs, Obama can be sure that the money will go to Social Security rather than to a stronger national economy.

The state could improve transportation costs for those that do business in Massachusetts. Registration, insurance, inspection and fuel taxes are all costs that dip into the profitability of business. If the government could lower these charges, the overall cost for goods sold would go down. In turn, their prices would fall.

The Obama administration needs to wake up and realize that by over-taxing the rich, it is taking money out of business and putting it into big government. The state needs to help companies that provide jobs by making operating costs of business reasonable.

Competition among companies exists to keep costs reasonable. Savings go to the consumer and employee, not to the business of big government. God bless the free market and shame on those who try to put big government in its place.

Tom Beckwith


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