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Jeff Lacy: Consider the human rights taint of Chinese goods

To the editor:

Notwithstanding its cloak of secrecy, China is believed to execute more of it “citizens” each year than all other countries combined. Chinese who nonviolently protest injustices are given lengthy jail terms to molder while reevaluating their patriotic failures.

Make no mistake, China is neither a democracy nor a socialist country; it is a brutal totalitarian regime.

In order to out-compete and dominate the manufacturing economies of nations like ours, the Chinese government allows industry to pollute its land, air and water to a degree unimaginable here. Its workers earn pennies on our dollar.

If that’s not enough, now it appears the Chinese government, through its military, is systematically hacking into the networks of U.S. companies and organizations to steal trade secrets.

That many U.S. corporations seek to maximize profits by shifting factory work to China is to be expected from a corporate “person,” but becomes a disgrace when real persons reward the behavior by buying these products.

Remembering that every dollar each of us spends supports something, why would anyone not in poverty buy anything from China?

Jeff Lacy


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