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Bruce Whittier: Columnist Fleitman gets it right on economic realities

To the editor:

One thing that distinguishes Dr. Jay Fleitman from most folks writing letters to the editor is the courage he has in expressing himself openly in a public forum, especially in a geographical area that has been engulfed by liberalism over the last 50 years.

One writer recently offered a synopsis of Fleitman’s Feb. 5 column. His letter seems unusually misguided.

We agree that the “ultimate goal of corporate management is to produce a profit.” But where did this writer get the idea that corporate leaders are more interested in hiring untrained and under-educated workers for less money than they are hiring those who are adequately trained and educated? That just doesn’t make sense.

Most businessmen would agree that one of their greatest assets is their workforce. A highly trained and skilled workforce is a very valuable commodity. If their workers justify it, they will be paid fairly. If they’re not, especially in a capitalistic society, their skills may be recognized by other companies and those workers move on.

This writer also suggests that capitalists achieve a profit “by hiring as few workers as possible at the lowest wage they will tolerate with maximum flexibility to hire and fire them as market demand for a product increases or decreases.”

What would one expect them to do? Hire more workers than they need and pay them purposely more than they might be worth?

These are private-sector jobs, not public. Corporations must make money. They can’t simply turn to the American taxpayers and say we need more funding, although that seems to be the business model our politicians have embraced for the last 40 years or so.

And if a corporation loses market share, or demand falls for some widget they’re producing, why is it so difficult to understand that cuts in a workforce might, indeed, need to take place?

Again, it’s unfortunate, but this is what happens in the private sector. That selfish, greedy group of job creators is actually carrying the ball in our society.

Bruce Whittier


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