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Heavier security warranted in schools

To the editor:

In response to “Our schools need layers of security” (Gazette, Dec. 28), I have to say that I completely agree. My husband works at a factory and they have security cameras, security guards and locked doors, much like the cupcake and soda factory that was mentioned in the previous article.

Our schools don’t even have custodians with two-way radios to communicate with the front office and police department. Sad, really, that we are teaching our children that these “things” are more important than a person’s life.

I am not saying in any shape or form that the schools should be likened to a military base. We need not go from one extreme to the other. But some form of security is appropriate and necessary, especially since mass-killings in our schools seem to be a growing trend.

Although, I do have to say in speaking with the police department, they do seem to have a lot of knowledge and a great plan if someone were to get into the schools to try and harm the children or faculty.

However, I think it is more important to prevent someone from getting in, in the first place. I don’t feel that our children should be the guinea pigs to see whether their plan works or not.

In conclusion, prevention is key. We are not invincible. These things can happen anywhere.

Just ask Sandy Hook. No one expects these things to happen in their schools or in their community. I have to say that my children are worth far more than any cupcake, soda or any other “thing” that we are protecting more than we are them. These things are replaceable. Our children are not.

Jenny Anna


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