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Route 66 drivers deserve ‘fair’ speed limits

To the editor:

Absolutely, highway officials should conduct a study to determine fair speed limits for Route 66. My family and I are exasperated as we try to comply with the ridiculously slow speed of 25 mph on the newly constructed road. This antiquated limit was established when the road was much narrower and the cars were not made as safe.

Today’s automobiles have the technology built in to warn drivers of such things as icy road conditions. In addition, the tire technology has increased driving safety. I drive a standard shift car for increased gas mileage. Because of the speed limits on Route 66 I must downshift to third gear for much of the way. This is not an efficient way to drive.

At the beginning of the year our daughter was learning how to drive. Many times we were tailgated by angry drivers as she drove the speed limit. I remember one time in particular, a large truck drove so close to us, we could only see the truck grill in our mirror. My daughter told me she was scared and wanted to drive faster to get away. My response was to tell her that at times like these, you find out what you are made of. It is against the law to drive faster and a speeding ticket at this time in your life has dreadful consequences. Find a safe spot to pull over and let the person go by.

As a parent, I find this advice the best solution for a tough situation. I am not thrilled with the idea that my daughter, or anyone, must drive so defensively in our neighborhood. It would be interesting to know how many tickets have been handed out to people tailgating versus someone speeding. It is so obvious to anyone who has driven Route 66 that the speed limit is too low that I can’t believe a discussion such as this has to occur.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion. I hope something changes because of it.

Maryellen DiLuzio


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