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US foreign policy awash in violence

To the editor:

We now have a U.S. diplomat killed in Libya. Why is this a surprise? The U.S. prompted this violent uprising and we cheered when its past leader was violently killed. Why is it so easy for us to forget that “violence begets more violence” and that “violence only escalates?” Why is it so hard for us to understand that others will react with violence when we use violence?

In Syria, we have hospitals overflowing with people, not due to illness or old age or accident, but to violence fueled by U.S. aid with the U.S.-backed “rebels” now committing the atrocities. In Afghanistan, we have U.S. soldiers killing innocent Afghan villagers in their sleep. In Iraq, 30 people were killed on Sept. 30, further proving that 10 years of U.S. violence cannot stop the killing.

In Israel, we have a government advocating immediate violent attacks on Iran. And in the U.S., we have one veteran committing suicide every day.

We are supposedly an intelligent country that has put a man on the moon and a vehicle on Mars. Why is our intelligence unable to stop the violence? Our “intelligence” has even turned war into a remote control game using unmanned drones to do our killing.

We can all sit back and blame the government, but we are the government and we all have blood on our hands. It is time for us to realize that violence is not the answer and that we need to elect leaders who will bring peace rather than more war.

We need to find someone who will stop spending $2 million on war every minute or $1.1 trillion every year. We need to stop “fighting” for peace.

Lawrence Tucker

South Hadley

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