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Mary Kenny: Horrified that someone burned synagogue’s flag

To the editor:

I am horrified at the attempt to burn the Israeli flag at B’nai Israel synagogue. There is no justification for such an act. No one has a right to do such a thing to any person or group of people. No one has a right to do such a thing to people who are our neighbors and friends. It is my hope that the city of Northampton, its houses of worship and the citizens of the city will resoundingly condemn this act.

Mary Kenny


Legacy Comments8

I want to make this perfectly clear: Zionist and Israeli leaders like Theodor Herzl, David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Moshe Dyan Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu and others have openly spoken of their intention to exterminate or expel the Palestinians since 1896. These statements are available for all to read. There were virtually no Jews in Palestine for nearly 2,000 years. The Jewish migration from Palestine began 450 years before Christ. They went to the trading centers of western Asia and eastern Europe. If you had ever read the Bible you would know this. Read the book of Acts. Look at who the Epistles of Paul are addressed to. The creation of Israel was not a partition; it was an invasion. Israel was created by murdering whole villages of people and expelling the people of other villages. The villages where people were murdered were not chosen because of anything that the people had done; they were chosen twenty years in advance because of the strategic location of these villages. The expelled people are the people who have been Palestinian refugees since 1948. Since 1967 Israel has imposed a brutal occupation on the refugees that they created. They have demolished Palestinian homes and created Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Palestinian people are occupied: they have no army, navy or air force. Their rockets are homemade and ineffective. They are more a protest than a weapon. The ultimate aim of the Israelis is the expulsion of the people of the West Bank and Gaza. Again, they speak openly about this. All you have to do is open your eyes and read. Few Irish or other people still believe in the myths of the ancient Celts. Why do you and other Israel supporters choose the founding myths of a bronze-age Middle Eastern tribe over Christianity? Many American Jews have chosen a God of love and ethics over the prehistoric tribal myths of the ancient Israelis. You can choose "love thy neighbor, " which is originally from Leviticus 19:18: "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD." Certainly many Jews today include all people as their neighbors. For Christians, Jesus, in the story of the good Samaritan, expanded the meaning of "love thy neighbor" to include all people. Another commandment, Exodus 20: 7 says "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." Using God's name to support murder and expulsion is certainly taking his name in vain. Choose real Christianity or Judaism and don't be a slave to symbols and tokens.

Cathy, I would say that by now, any reasonably attentive reader of the comments to the Gazette should be more than adequately familiar with your litany of complaints about Israel, and that further unreadably long comments, each coming hard upon the heels of the last, and triggered by the slightest provocation, would cast doubt on the writer's equanimity more than they would change any reader's mind. If you wanted to make a persuasive addition to the heated debate on this issue, perhaps a calmer, better-reasoned approach would be more beneficial.

The comments, as they appear online, do not show paragraph breaks. When I write them and submit them, I do put in paragraph breaks. I agree that they are more readable when I submit them with the paragraph breaks than they are as they appear online. My comments are always very well researched.

"Their rockets are homemade and ineffective. They are more a protest than a weapon." You have no idea what you are talking about, these are "Russian Grad" 122mm rockets. Each rocket carries a 44lb warhead and has a kill radius of 92 ft. Please stop talking your inaneness is ruining the surrounding chakra or something.

ACCORDING TO NBC NEWS: Most of the weapons fired from Gaza are locally made “Qassam” rockets, named after the al-Qassam Brigades. These range from the 2-foot, 7-inch Qassam-1, which can travel no more than three miles, to the 8-foot Qassam-4 which can cover up to 10 miles. “It is not so complicated to build a crude rocket,” Inbar said. “You need metal parts, some kind of solid fuel which you can get from agricultural products, and then you need explosives – maybe by re-using old landmines.” He added: “These are not missiles, they are not guided. They are just rockets.”

A. Incorrect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_rocket_attacks_on_Israel B. Crude or not, they are designed to kill and are actively pursuing that strategy. Please enjoy an ice cold glass of STFU :-)

As long as the American Jewish community overwhelmingly supports the bombing and murder of wall-in civilians in Gaza, they have to expect that some people will be expressing their disapproval. It is the price you pay for supporting the murders of men, women and children. It is the price you pay for supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the Golan Heights and the 47 year old occupation the West Bank and Gaza, and the current control of Gaza's borders, airspace and access to fishing waters and the 7 year-old siege of Gaza. If you think that the Jewish people were chosen to commit that kind of brutality with impunity, then you should ask yourself if it was really God who did that kind of choosing. If you support that kind of murder and brutality, then you should ask yourself who you are actually worshiping. How would American Jews react if the flag of the United States was a Christian religious symbol? Well, they should not give acceptance and support to people who murdered whole Palestinian villages in 1948, expelled most of the remaining Palestinians and stole their land and then used the Jewish religious symbol as their flag. Of course, not all American Jewish people give unquestioning support to Israeli aggression but for a long time support was near 100% and it is still the vast majority. An October 2013 Pew Research Center poll found: "A slim majority of U.S. Jews (54%) see the level of U.S. support for Israel as about right. Still, about three-in-ten say the U.S. is not supportive enough of the Jewish state, while 11% say the U.S. is too supportive." So, 84% say US military assistance to Israel is not enough or is is just right. Only 11% think it is too much. If you haven't written a letter to the editor expressing your horror at the bombing of neighborhoods and UN schools in Gaza, then your "horror" might be a bit misplaced. I don't support the burning of synagogue flags because I think it is counter-productive, but I think it is actually rather small on the scale of moral offenses. If the United States expelled the Jews to a little tiny piece of land, blockaded that land, and bombed and murdered the people in the land, then perhaps the burning of one American flag would be justified.


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