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Carrie Hemenway: Wants a movie theater in Northampton

To the editor:

Now that the former Honda dealership building has been razed, and they’re looking to develop the King Street property, how about constructing a movie theater? Now, you have to go to Amherst or other towns to catch a film, as no daily films play in Northampton anymore, alas. In addition to a theater, they could build a cafe next door, and a laundromat.

There are vacant buildings in town that could be renovated into a theater as well. And the Calvin. Yes, the Calvin. How about showing movies when this theater isn’t booked?

Northampton is a destination city for the arts, cycling, shopping, restaurants. We need a movie theater. We want a movie theater.

Carrie Hemenway


Legacy Comments5

Fine. No tax payer money for it, at all, ever; that includes CPA taxes. You want it, you pay for it. Period.

Want a movie theater? Then do what folks in Amherst did: Organize, form a board and raise the money for one. No guarantees, but it sure beats whiny demands.

Great idea.


I like that idea!

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