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Jasmine Caruk: Looking for action from Rosenberg on animal bill

Sen. Stan Rosenberg speaks at an event in Northampton in 2013.

KEVIN GUTTING Sen. Stan Rosenberg speaks at an event in Northampton in 2013. Purchase photo reprints »

To the editor:

People who care about animals across the state are waiting to see what Massachusetts senators do about bill S. 2232, a measure to help protect newborn calves and mother pigs from harsh confinement. I personally am looking to my senator, Stanley Rosenberg, to take action on this important bill; as an important leader in the chamber, Senator Rosenberg has the power to help prevent great cruelty to farm animals.

The session ends in a couple of weeks and with it dies this chance to help animals. It is crucial for Senator Rosenberg and other leaders to address this bill and negotiate its enactment as soon as they can. Both state residents and farm animals alike are counting on their attention to this important bill.

Jasmine Caruk


Legacy Comments7

Thank you, Jasmine, for your important letter re S. 2232 which would help prevent cruelty to some farmed animals. Stan Rosenberg is also my Senator, and I, too, am urging him to strongly support this bill. I have written to him about it privately, and now do so publicly.

Thank you for alerting the public to this crucial issue, Jasmine! The fate of these mothers and infants is in our hands. As Sheryl indicated, these crates are terrible for the animals, for the earth, and for human safety, as they make it impossible to maintain high standards of cleanliness in such cramped conditions. All it takes is a moment of our time to make it clear to our representatives that we want to see these antiquated systems of confinement out of our state once and for all. I hope everyone reading this takes a moment to phone their legislators to urge them to support this bill.

S.2232 would help farm animals and local farmers alike - hope all animal friendly legislators like Senator Rosenberg support this bill!

Thank you, Jasmine, for educating folks about S. 2232, and how we're now down to the wire. This bill will allow calves and pigs to move...I don't think that's asking too much. It would also HELP local farmers by banning such crates (gestation crates) by keeping factory farms out of MA, as factory farms need such crates to survive. It will also help the environment, as with mass amounts of farm animals you have mass amounts of pollutants. PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR ASAP TO PUSH FOR THIS BILL! Thank you! :)

Forcing pigs and calves to live out their lives in miserable, minuscule cages is unreasonably cruel; we need to ban this from Massachusetts! I too hope Sen. Rosenberg uses his clout and usual progressiveness to push this bill through.

What about the ritual slaughter of animals? We need to ban Kosher and Halal meat. Its not humane to kill an animal by slitting its throat to meet some irrelevent ancient religious taboo that no longer has any use in a progressive caring world. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2562350/Denmark-accused-anti-Semitism-bans-religious-slaughter-animals-kosher-halal-meat.html

It is not humane to kill an animal in any way, and kosher and halal ritual slaughter, while I agree is cruel, other slaughter methods are also cruel. Best for folks to wean themselves off meat and open up to the delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine that awaits them.

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