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Robert N. Brooks: Dogs and hotdogs don’t mix at Taste of Amherst

Hundreds attend the Taste of Amherst Friday on the Town Common, May, 2013.


Hundreds attend the Taste of Amherst Friday on the Town Common, May, 2013. JERREY ROBERTS Purchase photo reprints »

To the editor:

I have just returned from the Taste of Amherst — and the number of dogs almost exceeded the number of vendors. Why would a responsible dog owner bring a pet to such an event? It is unfair not only to some who might be afraid — like some little children — but it’s undoubtedly confusing to the dogs to experience the myriad food smells. Little wonder that more than a few were hyper. Perhaps, it’s for the attention the owners get rather than the dog. It’s presumptuous and thoughtless — I hope you will consider this the next time you attend an event — any event — on the town common.

Robert N. Brooks


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Thousands of people...hundreds of dogs.....people have rest rooms available to them - dogs do too...trees, grass, lawn, fire hydrants...grass...did I say grass...? Even the best natured, most well-trained dog will have to evacuate his bladder or bowels....get it? HUNDREDS of dogs in the midst of FOOD preparation and people (and, kids playing on the grass...)....now...do YOU get it? Be courteous - depending on the type of social gathering - sometimes dogs are not the best guests - a little common sense goes a long way folks!

How ridiculous! Why can't dog owners care enough about them and other humans to just leave their pets at home? Personally, though having had pets all my life until my last dog died (at aged 14) a few years ago…I never understood the "need" to bring dogs, leased, well-behaved or otherwise to human social events. It's just plain selfish and totally without any redeeming value to the general population for whom, believe it or not, these events are held. Even well-mannered and socialized dogs present problems to some humans and what's so wrong with getting your "fresh air" with your pet in your own backyard? BTW…did you know that the US infrastructure, VA administration, job market and educational systems are a mess, we lose 30 citizens a day to gun violence and are still at war in Afghanistan? But, we have our priorities.

Good training and responsible ownership makes a world of difference. Please do not discount those of us who have well mannered, socialized dogs. There are some people who behave worse than my fuzzy darling.

It is absolutely shameful that these dog owners would try to get some fresh air with their pets. If they want to do that, it should be the backyard or nothing.

Mr. Brooks -- Please! I think I speak for all dog owners when I say -- MY dog is too special to be subject to your silly rules of common courtesy and common sense. MY dog should be welcome everywhere at all times. MY dog is always adorable -- do you not understand that?

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