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Richard Hutchinson: Hunters don’t need Sundays to hunting



To the editor:

Please ask your legislators to vote no on House Bill 4114, which would permit hunting on Sunday in Massachusetts. We don’t need to have hunting on Sunday. It is a day of leisure for most people ... a day, perhaps for a walk in the woods, a hike, for an off-road cycling adventure, etc. It seems that there are already enough days in a week for hunters to hunt.

Richard Hutchinson


Legacy Comments3

When the heck else are you supposed to do it, if not your day off? A blue law for hunting is archaic and absurd. YES ON 4114!

What are we talking about here - 10 or 12 Sundays in a given year? That's about the duration of pheasant, deer and bear season. Yes, vote against it so the petty tree huggers can have their leisurely time and activities on the land paid for by sportsmen. Yes, sportsmen and sportswomen pay for the lands everyone else uses. We pay for them with license fees and our hunting and fishing equipment are assessed a special tax for land conservation - but by all means, don't give up 10 or 12 of your leisurly Sundays so the people who enjoyy hunting can enjoy their sport.

There is nothing more leisurely than hunting. I am sorry you don't understand that hunters and other outdoorspersons can co-exist. You are not in danger, particularly around bow hunters. Those who believe bow hunters shoot at anything that moves, clearly have zero understanding of the ethics of hunting nor the cost of losing an arrow. It is an expensive sport that takes more time than you could ever imagine. Hunters master the art of silence, and I guarantee you, those who believe they are in danger of being shot have passed hunters in the woods who are so well hidden they are never seen. ---------------- I will be calling to ask my legislators to vote yes on House Bill 4114. --------------Only in Massachusetts are people condemned for discrimination against any particular group of people, unless that group of people are lawful hunters.

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