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Walter Krzeminski: Question raised over issue of coming out

To the editor:

Of the tens of millions of gay people in America, only a few have come out publicly making sure the media becomes aware — these isolated public announcements are usually from black men who are involved in athletics. One has to wonder why these gay athletes are being made out to be, seemingly, martyrs or cult heroes, and why other gays are not coming out publicly — gay police officers, gay teachers, gay firefighters, gay legislators, gay nurses and gay women.

Walter Krzeminski


Legacy Comments3

Wrong iagaini Walter! Gay teachers, firefighters, police officers and teachers come out publicly every day. Just because you don't read about it in the paper doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. This is not usually covered by the media. Political figures are a different story: A candidate for Hampden District Attorney who recently came out was front page news. Local politicians Stan Rosenberg, Cheryl Coakley-Rivera, Alex Morse and former Rep. Barney Frank have come out publicly, Senator Rosenberg doing so in this very newspaper. As more people wake up to the fact that homosexuality is not a choice, it is appropriate and heart warming that sports figures be open regarding their orientation.

To quote a bumper sticker I saw this week: "Keep talking, I'm diagnosing you."

The National Enquirer? So that's where you get your news, which all makes sense now. National Enquirer?

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