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Jonathan Kahane: Signs of our times, in the language itself

Perhaps the letter-writer should watch some of Paul Newperson’s films, which might help to cool her off a bit. Listening to some of the music composed by Henry Personcini, such as “Moon River,” can also soothe the soul. I’ve heard that eating fruits such as persongos and clempersonstines can also lower blood pressure.

Education never hurts and researching some of the works by the famous American educator, Horace Personn, could help smooth ruffled feathers. I believe that watching late night TV such as “The Late Show with David Letterperson” could lighten the mood considerably. Sitting down with a cup of tea in front of a roaring fire with the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenchild will certainly do the trick if the above suggestions don’t prove fruitful.

Finally, watching baseball, like the antics of Personny Ramirez, could lift one’s spirits. (Whatever you do, don’t watch the Red Sox. They will put you over the edge!) I am grateful that we are not speaking French since all nouns seem to randomly possess a gender which would cause nightmares. We should all be concerned with the big issues, such as equal work for equal pay, but this seems like a battle of sepersontics. The writer is correct. As she stated herself, “It’s such a small thing.” Hopefully, at this point, we can all bow our heads and say, “A Folks.”

Jonathan Kahane lives in Westhampton.

Legacy Comments2

Seriously!! I was expecting something a lot better than that. OK, I'll respond to your comment since you took the time and made the effort to post it. Golly, Gee. I never thought of that one! I guess if I saw a sign "Women at work" I would feel just horrible. I might just go up on the bridge that the MEN were building and cry my eyes out. You are correct. The woman who wrote the original letter resurrected this "70s ridiculousness" and the response was excellent. I suggest you re-read the piece, recognize that the writer understands the issue and suggests that we should be concerned with the real problems with gender inequality. Perhaps a little humor is exactly what was called for!

Seriously? We're back in the 70s and that ridiculousness? If the word "men" in "men at work" is totally fine (even if there are women working), why not change it to "Women at work"? How does that feel? I mean, c'mon, it's just a little word and doesn't mean anything, right?

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