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Trish Duffy: Florence homeowner feeling ‘taxed out’

To the editor:

Override again! The mayor and City Council of Northampton have decided to put the override question to the people.

Yes, I agree. Put the question to the people but I suggest that you only put this question to the property owners, because they are the ones who actually the bear the cost of the override. According to the city’s website, 46.5 percent of housing in Northampton is renter-occupied units — approximately 5,525 in all.

Property owners could bring a copy of their tax bill to the polls.

If my recall is accurate, many of our overrides have been won or lost by a narrow margin. I can’t help but wonder if there was a renter’s tax affixed to renters, would the results have been less close? It makes sense.

Renters utilize the infrastructure, police, fire, school and other city services. I don’t know how much more taxpayers can take. The governor is proposing an increase in the state income tax and we all know that by looking at our paychecks, the federal tax has just gone up and now we may be asked to shoulder another raise on our property tax.

I won’t mention the “minimal increase” to water and sewer fees this year after last year’s 9 percent increase or the possible addition of a storm drain tax. Again, I am just about taxed out.

Trish Duffy


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living is easy with your eyes closed , misunderstanding all you see. The notion that renters are somehow getting a free ride is ill informed. Perhaps we should return to days of yore where landowning MEN were only allowed to vote. How's that work for you Trish?

This is a great idea! Let the people who pay the tax decide how much it should be. Only car drivers should set the rates of excise and fuel taxes. Smokers should decide how much cigarette taxes are, not lawmakers. Taxes on capital gains should only be decided by investors. Truckers would be the ones to set the rates for heavy highway vehicle use taxes. It's only fair, right?

My spouse and I are very fortunate to own our house, so we now pay our property taxes directly. But before we could afford to own, we were renters AND taxpayers. Rental property owners pay their property taxes out of the rent they collect from tenants, so they are merely the middlemen. When costs (including taxes) go up, rents go up. It's grade school arithmetic. All I'm seeing here is typical, selfish Teabagger zeal to disenfranchise others.

Thanks Trisha. I totally agree with you

I second that!

If I owned rental property in N'ton I would send a letter to all my tenants this month end and tell them their rents will go up substantially to cover the tax override if it passes. Get your tenants informed about who ultimately pays the property taxes - its them. Let them know in no uncertain words that their rent will increase if the tax override passes and that you will be forced to pass along the extra taxes you have to pay to the city. Maybe they will get involved and vote against it! If you don't send a letter at least call them and leave a message on their voicemail.

Yes, and those rich, greedy landlords get the grief from their tenants when they pass the cost along to them. Taxes to go for the bloated contracts for infrastructure improvements and bloated public employee pensions. Good point, property tax payers only.

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