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Jay Fleitman: Obama’s sorry record

But what if that penthouse is in New York, and the conduit of propaganda is MSNBC, the New York Times, or PBS? We have our biases, and then tend to look for confirmation of what we already believe. What if it is actually those on the left who have chosen to ignore, disbelieve, or rationalize away what they don’t want to see, and not the idiots on the right? What if?

If you are a Democrat and you’re still reading, is it actually possible that Obama is the most flawed and failed president of modern times? But you are still going to vote for him despite the following:

Obama’s choice to run for president in 2008 demonstrated a remarkable arrogance: How do you presume to run the largest bureaucracy on the planet without ever having any administrative experience, unless you believe that you are so smart that experience is only necessary for mere mortals.

What if Obama sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years because he agreed with the sermons? What if he were friends with Bill Ayres because they shared common values?

The only explanation for Eric Holder still heading the Department of Justice, despite his racist dismissal of the Black Panther’s voter intimidation, deadly and botched Fast and Furious and pursuance of the Democrats enemies list as in Gibson Guitar, is that he is backed by the boss.

Suppose the poisonous partisanship in Washington is Obama’s fault? Having forced through Obamacare, the only major social legislation in history without a single vote from the other party, Obama is then surprised that Republican’s don’t want to work with him. Ronald Reagan was able to work with a Congress dominated by Democrat Tip O’Neill, Clinton with Republicans under Newt Gingrich, and Romney in Massachusetts passed our health care reform bill with the Democrats without blowing up the state. Obama clearly can’t play with others.

He saved the auto industry. Absolute nonsense. Obama overturned established law. A legal bankruptcy would have protected GM and Chrysler while they reorganized and returned to business. Bankruptcy is not a fire sale. What Obama did was give large stakes in these companies to his union supporters, at the expense of pensions for teachers and police with investments in these companies.

And while we are talking about corrupt payoffs, what do we make about all of the taxpayer dollars that are going to green energy companies?

What about a president who presented two separate budgets to Congress and neither of them got a single vote, including none from his own party?

Could it be true that the damaging security leaks from the White House that led to the likely lifetime imprisonment of the Pakistani doctor who helped us find Bin Laden, revealed our secret computer attack on Iran and exposed our agent in al-Qaida of Yemen, were with the president’s knowledge so he could look “tough”?

If he is such a foreign policy success, then why is American polling with the Middle East worse now than when Bush was president? If Obama’s attacks on al-Qaida have been so devastating, then why its resurgence in Yemen, Libya and Mali?

Why wasn’t our ambassador to Libya properly protected? Why was our government’s first response to his murder an apology for our First Amendment, rather than condemnation of this violence? It seems a remarkable attitude of our president that this killing was only a “bump in the road.”

Russia and China ignore us and our allies don’t trust us.

We have $5 trillion more in debt as a nation in Obama’s four years and counting. This is a disaster. Oh, I forgot. It’s Bush’s fault. Unemployment is still over 8 percent. It’s Bush’s fault.

I have never seen a president more willing to blame others for what isn’t going right on his watch. It will forever be Bush’s fault for economy and the Republican’s fault for hyper-partisanship. Obama is even blaming the Republicans for the lack of security around the ambassador in Benghazi.

Well, Obama is a nice guy, he’s likable. Really? Says who? His advertising is remarkably nasty, and he seems aloof and smug. Bob Woodward’s book on the Obama presidency comes to the same characterization.

At least we know that Romney is an uncaring clueless rich guy. The Obama campaign has told us so. What if Romney is actually a good person?

So, if you are a Democrat you will be very likely voting for Mr. Obama. You have therefore explained all of the above away for yourself, or have ignored it, or never heard it because you read the New York Times.

What if it is actually you that has it all wrong?

Jay Fleitman, M.D., lives in Northampton. His column appears the first Tuesday of the month. He can be reached at opinion@gazettenet.com.

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