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Bet Power: Outraged by allowing this column to see print

To the editor:

I am outraged by your publication of the opinion of Gregory Clay, “Zimmerman jury delivered correct verdict.” Clay’s is an odd perspective on the outcome of a trial that set a killer free, one made by an apparently self-hating African American who justifies racial profiling, including on his Website. His opinion does not reflect the tens of thousands of Americans who are protesting the clearly racist verdict, including over 200 locals who gathered on the steps of City Hall Northampton the day after the verdict. To tell black youth that they should “Take off that hoodie” so they won’t be racially profiled to death is blaming the victim. Haven’t we learned from women that the type of skirt or blouse they may wear is not the cause of rape?

It was Trayvon Martin’s right to wear a hooded sweatshirt against the rain that fateful night but, more importantly, his right to walk home without being stalked and killed by an adult with a loaded gun, a racist outlook and a criminal record. The barely 17-year-old, unarmed, stellar student and son of loving parents did not cause his own murder. Was he wrong to raise his fist to defend his life against an armed stranger who followed and terrorized him? Where is a column chastising the irresponsible behavior of the Zimmermans of the world? Systemic racism of the injustice system allows attackers and killers of blacks to walk free, repeatedly. Where is your newspaper’s stand against that?

I do not wish to pay for racism dropped on my doorstep. Where is your editor at this historical moment when all good people who believe in freedom must decry violent racism — silent? I am this close to canceling my subscription.

Bet Power



Zimmerman jury delivered correct verdict

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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