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Dave King: Here’s some reasons to vote for Markey

To The editor:

There was a recent letter questioning support for Ed Markey. “What has he done for Massachusetts?” the author asked. That person has not been paying much attention. In the last three weeks Congressman Markey has introduced legislation to regulate compounding pharmacies like the one that caused a recent mass poisoning, supported competitive bidding for clean renewable offshore wind power, introduced legislation to get endocrine disrupting chemicals out of beverage cans, helped pressure the TSA to reverse their ruling to allow knives on planes, introduced legislation to regulate irresponsible high-speed trading on Wall Street, worked to increase internet access in Massachusetts schools and libraries, helped to close the dangerously obsolete San Onofre nuclear power plant, and called for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through increased deployment of clean energy technologies. That is in the past three weeks of his decades of service, and explains why even the conservative American Enterprise Institute has called Markey “one of the most effective legislators in congress.” It is understandable that people feel frustrated with today’s political climate, however in difficult times like these we need experienced and effective public servants like Ed Markey more than ever.

Dave King


Legacy Comments1

Excellent letter. I am so tired of the ads advising me to vote for Russo because he's an ex-Navy Seal & has good hair.

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