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Richard Michael Clifford Sr.: Good neighbor makes a difference in storm

To the editor:

Saturday morning, the day after our blitzkrieg snowstorm, found most of us snowplowing, snowblowing or just plain shoveling out. And holy snowflake Batman, what a job it was.

Where I live, properties owned by my 91-year-old father-in-law and my sister-in-law needed to be cleaned out. We had hired a family friend to plow their driveways after the last few storms.

As life would have it, he had mechanical problems and couldn’t help us. I called around to find help, left messages and found no one returning my calls or being able to take on new business. Our snowblower is a bit old and with no chains on its tires it is very hard to use in this amount of snow.

I began to feel overwhelmed at the amount of work we had to do and wondered how we were going to do it.

Then, out of nowhere and without being asked or called, our neighbor across the street came over with his snowblower and helped cut through the workload and snow we had to clean up.

As a truck driver for many years, I have witnessed a me-first attitude become the norm. But then people like our next-door neighbors, the Oullettes, not only cut the work load of a long day, but relieved the frustration I felt in not finding help when we really needed it.

I came away remembering what we are all here for — to help one another. And on this day, I give thanks to God for our neighbor helping his neighbor in more ways than he knows.

Richard Michael Clifford Sr.


Legacy Comments1

Thank you for a wonderful reminder that it is indeed a God send when we have wonderful neighbors. A little bit of kindness and help goes a long way. I will never forget a cross country trip when the kindness and help of truck drivers helped keep my child and I safe.

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