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Right to bear all kinds of arms is God-given

To the editor:

The Second Amendment clearly defines a U.S. citizen’s right to bear arms. Despite what liberals would have you believe, the definition of “arms,” by any stretch of the imagination, does not exclusively refer to guns. It includes any and all form of weapon and munitions, from howitzers to nuclear devices.

The founding fathers knew this, as they knew all things for all time.

As we’ve heard from the leaders of the National Rifle Association, you can’t blame the weapon, it’s the shooter. Ergo, in this age of uncertainty, it’s high time we put aside this fascination with automatic rifles that can only kill a few dozen at best, assuming they don’t jam, and recognize our God-given right, and indeed, obligation, to own and maintain real arms for real security.

And I’m not talking the wussy little ones, like Little Boy and Big Man. Leave those to the collectors. If you want to be sure your home is safe, the game you’re hunting is dead, or that you’re truly protected from our elected government, go for the real thing – thermonuclear. I realize of course that these weapons can be price prohibitive for the non-job-creators among us, but I’m sure financial programs can be put in place for the 47 percent.

After all, nuclear weapons kept the entire Soviet Union at bay for decades. Why not believe that a nuke at school would have an equal deterrent effect on a lone nut job?

You’d have to be crazy to think otherwise, right?

Let me assure you, I am not trying to take your guns. I am trying to give you nuclear weapons. Please use them wisely.

Stefan Petrucha


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