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UFO sighting in Amherst possibly more than a hoax

To the editor:

People are far too quick to pass off a UFO sighting as a stealth plane, and laugh at the witness.

A diamond-shaped aircraft was seen flying over the old landfill on Belchertown Road in Amherst on a recent Tuesday evening, and was spotted in several other locations including the town center, and the witness accounts of it are vivid. It was low, but made no noise; it moved smoothly, and was visible only by its own white lights. This is the fifth UFO sighting in Amherst in the past 27 years — “mysterious” is the word.

I want to believe that it was more than a stealth plane or a hoax.

The Amherst police seemed to mock the situation with their witty comment, in response to a reporter’s question, about the lack of crop circles or abduction reports. Ha-ha. This might have been warranted if the witnesses had been completely insane and if their testimonies had been highly erratic and conflicting. But they weren’t.

I know that a UFO sighting doesn’t mean “alien spaceship.” It means that someone saw something flying and no one knows what it is. But that’s a key point: Nobody knows what it was. So what’s to say that it wasn’t extraterrestrial? Why not?

I want to believe that we can be open-minded enough to consider all possibilities.

Jessie Prutisto-Chang


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