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Route 66 speed limit needs rethinking

To the editor:

I very strongly agree that the 25 mph speed limit on Route 66 is not only antiquated but dangerous. I recently have had to drive to Westhampton a lot for my dog. The first time driving back to Northampton down a big hill, I had no idea that the speed limit would suddenly change so much, and a policeman was waiting for me shortly after I crossed the line into Northampton. I am not a speeder and sort of felt like I was tricked. In addition, I, too, have witnessed cars coming very close together as some try to observe the very slow speed limit and others don’t slow down as much.

Liz Powers

Legacy Comments1

Route 66, from the other side. As a resident of Northampton, living on Route 66 in the 25 mph zone, I see drivers exceeding the speed limit daily. In fact, the drivers doing the posted speed limit are very few and very far between. If this was a speed trap, as some disgruntled law breakers have suggested, there could be 200 plus vehicles per day being stopped. In the mornings, the cars coming down the hill from Westhampton are going 35 plus mph heading toward Northampton. In the late afternoon the process is reversed as a line of cars head for home, again exceeding the speed limit. During the days, cars and commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, rubbish trucks, gravel trucks, etc, go by the house at 35 to 45 mph. (Note: I have never seen a commercial vehicle stopped for speeding. Are they exempt?) If driving this area of Route 66 upsets you so much, take a different road. There are other ways in and out of Westhampton. I know this because I lived there for more than 20 years. If this in not an option, slow down, or pay the fine. Enjoy the ride - Please slow down.

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