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Time to dismantle altar of gun lobby

To the editor:

Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Newtown; we know these places as sites of mass murders, places where innocent humans were massacred by people with highly efficient means of killing large numbers in an instant.

This does not include gun deaths each day, each week, some 10,000 per year.

After each mass murder we indulge in the soul-searching questions: Why did the killer do it?

What in his life prompted him to carry out such a heinous act? Well, let me offer an answer. He does it because he can. They do it because they can. The human mind can imagine a huge range of scenarios, good or bad, creative or destructive.

The deranged mind envisions a destructive and hideous solution to his agony and is able to realize it — because he can. This society offers him a choice of easily obtained murderous weapons he can use to fulfill his dreams.

Almost nonexistent gun laws, with porous exceptions and loopholes, enable his search for weapons.

So he dons a mask, a protective vest and heads off with an array of guns and multiple rounds of bullets and completes the nightmare.

He commits mass murder because he wants to and he can.

A sensible control of gun proliferation in the United States would stop this deranged person from realizing his grotesque fantasy.

Like the Aztecs of South America who offered victims and blood to their gods, we now offer up the lives of our people and children on the altar of the gun lobby headed up by the high priests of the National Rifle Association with their present reading of the Second Amendment.

Cosimo J. Favaloro


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