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Time to update view  of NRA’s true goals

To the editor:

It is reassuring that not all members of the National Rifle Association are “gun nuts” as explained in Nelson Shifflett’s guest column (Gazette, Dec. 27). We have all followed the tragic event of Newtown and the NRA’s deplorable response, but then again that NRA response is the sole purpose of its existence — guns, guns and more guns. Shooting in schools: more good guys with guns in schools. Shootings in shopping malls: more guns in malls. Shootings at gas stations: more guns at gas stations.

Get the picture of what they really want? As lobbyists for the gun industry, under the disguise of protecting our Second Amendment, their Newtown solution will achieve their goal — everyone in the country will be armed, so that we can all live with concealed weapons for protection and shoot anyone who “threatens us.”

This does not make me feel any safer.

It is time for the electorate to find out which of our politicians are being supported by the NRA and vote them out. Second, it is time for responsible NRA members to recognize that the association is not representing them in a responsible manner and they should walk away. Third, it should be recognized that recreational shooting and hunting does not require automatic or semi-automatic weapons. This type of weapon should be for our trained military and law enforcement only. The NRA needs to recognize that the Second Amendment comes with responsibilities, just as all our other Constitutional rights come with restrictions.

The average American citizen does not want to eliminate the Second Amendment, but common sense says it needs to have restrictions.

We are the most violent, civilized country in the world and the policies of the NRA have made it so. If Newtown hasn’t awoken this country, what will? It is time to hold our NRA-backed officials accountable for actions that led to the tragedy at Newtown.

Bob Gould (retired Navy captain)


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