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Seeing a link between Jane Fonda, today’s Democrats

To the editor:

In 1970, in a speech at the University of Michigan, Jane Fonda gushed, “If you only knew what communism was, you would hope — you would pray on your knees — that one day we would become communist.”

She served as a mouthpiece for the Communist International and remains to this day apparently unaware of the extent to which she was a cheerleader for — far and away — the most repressive, murderous, expansionist and dissembling set of regimes in all of human history. Thankfully, the rag-tags of the 60s had no possible chance of succeeding in the revolution. They retreated in order to “change” us all from within.

Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama carry the same Marxist “change” ideological termites, only slightly mutated, updated and disguised. They would only be annoying to me, but for their headlong charge toward full American cataclysmic bankruptcy. The current proposed tax increase on the wealthy would pay for the government for two weeks. Great. Obama is leading us straight off a cliff and not a little tiny dropoff like the mortgage nuisance.

David Zimicki


Legacy Comments1

Really? Is this the same Obama whose health care bill is a windfall for private insurance corporations and whose economic advisors (appointed by him) are Wall Street insiders - specifically ex-Goldman Sachs executives? You see that as Marxism? Really?

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