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‘Crisis’ over referees  just doesn’t rate

To the editor:

For the past week, the issue which has occupied America more than any other has been the call by a referee in an NFL game concerning who caught a ball in the end zone. The completion (or interception) determined who won the game.

There has been more TV time, more newsprint and more discussion about this at the water cooler than on any other topic in the world today.

Here is just a brief reminder of some of the other events that have been going on that might be worth some thought. There is a full-fledged war in Afghanistan, a presidential campaign which is coming to head, a critical senatorial race in Massachusetts (along with many other states), the reality of Iran building a nuclear bomb, the uncontrolled violence across the Middle East, the disruption of the Earth’s weather patterns, the inability to build a car that is ecologically friendly, terrorism which is rampant, poverty, hunger, and disease which are widespread in this country and around the world, the American education system which is falling further and further behind other countries … just to name of few problems which call for a bit more attention.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am an avid fan of some sports and teams. I appreciate the diversion that sport, in all its facets, provides us. I enjoy talking about the controversies and rivalries as well.

I might even take a few minutes to debate the pros and cons of the union position in this latest NFL fiasco, now resolved. But to lament, ad infinitum, about the “tragedy” of the loss or win in this game and how it signals the end of civilization as we know it seems just a little too extreme.

You want “tragedy” in sport? The Dodgers left Brooklyn!

I’ve already spent too much time on this. Let’s get back to dealing with real problems.

Jonathan Kahane


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