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Top 25 local, high-crash intersections outside Hampshire County

Be particularly wary when driving at these intersections outside Hampshire County. They all made it onto the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Top 100 High-Crash Intersections in the Pioneer Valley Region 2003-2005. The intersections are ranked in order of risk, with No. 1, the Westfield intersection of Elm, North Elm and Pochassic streets, the most dangerous.

1. Westfield: Elm Street (Routes 10 and 202)/North Elm Street (Routes 10 and 202)/ Pochassic Street

2. Chicopee: Bridge Street (Route 141)/East Main Street (Route 141)/Broadway Street/ Main Street/Church Street

3. Chicopee: Memorial Drive (Route 33)/Grattan Street (Route 141)/Bridge Street (Route 141)/Montgomery Street/Sheridan Street

4. Chicopee: Granby Road/McKinstry Avenue/Montgomery Street

5. West Springfield: Riverdale Street (Route 5)/Morgan Road

6. Chicopee: Memorial Drive (Route 33)/James Street

7. Agawam: Springfield Street (Route 141)/Suffield Street (Route 75)/Main Street (Route 159)

8. Chicopee: Memorial Drive (Route 33)/Pendleton Avenue

9. Chicopee: Memorial Drive (Route 33)/Granby Road/Westover Road

10. Agawam: North Westfield Street (Route 187)/South Westfield Street (Routes 187 and 57)/Springfield Street (Route 147)/Southwick Street (Route 57)

11. Holyoke: Northampton Street (Route 5)/Hampden Street (Route 141)

12. Holyoke: Ingleside Street (Route 5)/Main Street

13. Westfield: Southampton Road (Routes 10 and 202)/Pride Way/Friendly’s Way

14. Wilbraham: Boston Road (Route 20)/Stony Hill Road

15. East Longmeadow: North Main Street (Route 83)/Mapleshade Avenue/Westwood Avenue

16. Westfield: Elm Street (Routes 10 and 202)/Main Street (Route 20)/Broad Street (Routes 10 and 202)/Court Street/School Street

17. Holyoke: Main Street (Routes 116 and 141)/Cabot Street (Routes 116 and 141)/Main Street

18. Holyoke: Lower Westfield Road/Holyoke Street/Whiting Farms Road

19. Holyoke: Maple Street/Resnic Boulevard

20. Palmer: Sykes Street (Route 181)/Main Street

21. Westfield: Elm Street (Routes 10 and 202)/Meadow Street

22. Westfield: North Elm Street (Routes 10 and 202)/Notre Dame Street

23. Westfield: East Main Street (Route 20)/Little River Road (Route 187)

24. Holyoke: Appleton Street (Route 141)/High Street

25. Chicopee: Memorial Drive (Route 33)/Irene Street/Jamrog Drive

*Springfield’s top 5 high-crash intersections

1. East Columbus Avenue/Union Street

2. Boston Road (Route 20)/Eastfield Mall entrance/Haymarket Square entrance

3. Boston Road (Route 20)/Parker Street (Route 21)

4. Liberty Street/Springfield Plaza entrance

5. Armory Street rotary

SOURCE: The Top 100 High Crash Intersections in the Pioneer Valley Region 2003-2005 by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

*Unlike the other communities in PVPC’s Top 100 ranking, the city of Springfield provided data for only one year and did not included any crash severity details. Therefore, the city’s roads were not part of the Top 100 list, but PVPC did create a ranking just for Springfield based on 2007 data.


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