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Northampton wants its liquor license back: Judge says leave summons for Eric Suher at his office even if he's not present


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Hampshire Superior Court Judge Bertha D. Josephson Monday granted a request from the city to allow a sheriff to leave a summons for Suher at his Holyoke office even if he is not present to receive it.

Northampton and its License Commission filed suit against Suher seeking return of the liquor license for 26-28 Center St. when it remained unused five years after it was issued. The License Commission voted to revoke that license in May.

The suit was filed June 19 claiming that after three letters and a phone call, the license had not been returned to the city. The suit seeks return of the license and reimbursement to the city for its legal costs.

A message left for Suher at his office was not returned. Suher did not appear in court Monday.

“It’s very common when licenses are suspended or revoked that they be turned in,” Northampton City Solicitor Alan Seewald said after Monday’s hearing. “That’s what we’re asking.”

Seewald said he spoke with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department last week which informed him the summons must be left with Suher himself, and not with anyone else in his office at 47 Jackson St., Holyoke.

Josephson’s ruling allows the Sheriff’s Department to leave the summons at Suher’s office, even if he is not there to accept it personally, Seewald said.

When asked if there has been any response from Suher, Seewald said he and the city “haven’t heard a word.”

Another hearing is scheduled for July 8.

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I'm guessing jdurf1 is either Suher himself or being paid by Suher to defend him in comment threads. He is always the first to vehemently defend any action of Suher's no matter how ridiculous. Not one other person ever comes to his defense. You're transparent jdurf1.

You don't have to physically turn in the license. get your heads out of your rear ends, acting like bumpkins. So if the document in a working establishment gets destroyed, they have to stop serving liquor? ?Or is it a symbol of the qualification?

Eric Suher has ALWAYS considered himself above the law, entitled and in a class all by himself. I personally won't give him any more money by going to any of the clubs he owns.

I am annoyed that this man is wasting our town's time and money.

Me, too. He is not even responsible enough to answer, but he can buy another property which has a club on it in the meantime.

Again, who are you to comment on someone's time management priorities?

Well it should be obvious to most of us that his time management priorities certainly were never for him to open 2 venues in which he held liquor licenses that were not being used for years. He himself put himself on a timetable on when he would finally finish each of those venues, but still he hasn't opened nor used either license. Eric himself was the person who made the promises.

So what? Not for you to judge. I know you are a professional victim and you are trying your hardest but even you can't pull this one off.

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