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New funding sources
needed for schools

To the Bulletin:

I am writing in response to an article in last week’s Bulletin about the Amherst Regional school budget cuts. I’ve been a student at Amherst Regional High School for about three years now and the declining budget is a major issue. In reality, this article cannot be seen as true or false yet because none of us will really know the budget until early July. Even when Gov. Deval Patrick announces his proposal for the state budget on Jan. 25, things will still be tossed around as new proposals and budgets are being created. Still, anything that is close to a $1 million budget cut for our school system is outrageous.

Although it’s not set in stone, if this budget cut does take place and teachers are laid off with an increase in class size, many students as well as parents will be affected by this. One of them is my sister.

How will cutting the number of teachers we have help us in any way? Yes, it will save us money now not having to replace teachers who are retiring, but what about the students’ needs?

We need smaller classes, not teachers being laid off. We need more money, not budget cuts. So the real question that needs to be asked when figuring our school’s budget for the next fiscal year should be how we can raise money, not where we can cut it. Now, I know that isn’t as easy as it sounds, but there are ways we could try to do it. And even though most of us are still under the age of 18 and cannot vote yet, when we do finally turn 18 we will be voting to raise our school budget, not decrease it.

Ambyr Braxton


Don’t rule out UFO in
Amherst incident

To the Bulletin:

People are far too quick to pass off a UFO sighting as a stealth plane, and laugh at the witness.

A diamond-shaped aircraft seen flying over the old landfill on Belchertown Road Jan. 8 was spotted in several other locations including Amherst town center, and the witness accounts of it are vivid. It was low, but made no noise; it moved smoothly, and was visible only by its own white lights. This is the fifth UFO sighting in Amherst in the past 27 years — “mysterious” is the word.

I want to believe that it was more than a stealth plane or a hoax.

The Amherst Police seemed to mock the situation with their witty comment about the lack of crop circles or abduction reports. Ha, ha. This might have been warranted if the witnesses had been completely insane and if their testimonies had been highly erratic and conflicting. But they weren’t.

I know that a UFO sighting doesn’t mean “alien spaceship.” It means that someone saw something flying and no one knows what it is. But that’s a key point: Nobody knows what it was. So what’s to say that it wasn’t extraterrestrial? Why not?

I want to believe that we can be open-minded enough to consider all possibilities.

Jessie Prutisto-Chang


Casino jobs needed

To the Bulletin:

I just turned 18 years old and I have been desperately seeking a job the past few months and I have not gotten one reply. If I could tell you how many people, of all ages, have told me that they are searching for jobs or job hunting and cannot seem to find one job, I would tell you but I cannot because I lost track.

Four casino operators are willing to work with the Massachusetts Casino Careers Training Institute just to train and prepare 10,000 people for jobs in the casinos. This will make a huge difference to those who are anxious to get jobs. I certainly agree that this is a great opportunity mainly because it is true that a lot of jobs will be brought to Massachusetts. It is a relief knowing that 30 or 40 or maybe more good-paying jobs will be created in a casino.

It is also a good idea that the institute would like to start training job seekers one year before the casinos open because the more prepared people are, the more comfortable they will be when they are actually working.

Norma Marinero


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