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Lee Bridegam: Urges others to compost food waste

To the editor:

Three cheers for our recycling cheerleader, Susan Waite, and her strong endorsement of Amend Organics. South Congregational Church has used Amend Organics for several church suppers and will use the blue bags again for our Oct. 5 Harvest Dinner. Taste of Amherst impressed many with the Amend Organics well-orchestrated recycling.

I urge religious and secular organizations that have occasions to serve food to purchase and use the blue bags to cut down on food waste at our transfer station.

Many individuals, too, could take this important step. If I cannot fill a bag, I either freeze the food scraps or put them in our shed until there is enough to fill a bag.

Partner with others who have a dump sticker. The price is right for alleviating waste while amending local farm soil.

Lee Bridegam



Susan Waite’s passion for trash can be contagious

Friday, August 30, 2013

AMHERST What Susan Waite wants is for people to care about trash. Maybe not as much as she does. She’s Amherst’s recycling coordinator and she can talk about the subject all day if you want her to (not many people do, she admits). But enough to reduce how much they dump. “I had a stack of composting stuff this high,” …

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