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Man in critical condition after fall from Northampton parking garage

The man’s fall was reported about 7:30 p.m. when a passerby heard him hit the ground and, after seeing him, called police.

The man landed in the middle of Brewster Court near its intersection with Old South Street on the garage’s south side. Paramedics lifted him onto a stretcher and transported him to the Springfield hospital. Police are not releasing his name.

As police taped off the road where the man lay, crowds began to gather. Six witnesses stood beside the scene visibly shaken, but would not comment to a reporter about the incident. Police took statements at the scene and took the witnesses to the police station.

At least two other people have fallen to their deaths from the E. John Gare Garage, which is about 40 feet high.

In August 2009, Justin Hamilton of Florence jumped from the top level of the garage during a busy Friday afternoon. He was pronounced dead as soon as paramedics arrived.

In November 2007, Northampton resident Christopher Lee died after making a running jump off the garage.

Following Hamilton’s death police told the Gazette that the top level of the garage has a 5-foot-high wall surrounding it, which makes it difficult to fall or jump over.

At the time, police said Lee’s suicide in 2007 was the first in the garage’s 20-year history.

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Does anyone know who he is or how he's doing? I feel so badly for him and for his family, no matter what the circumstances are.

there is a website called Caringbridges, (I think)...you can enter his name there, and pull up a sort of blog where his family have been giving updates...

Thank you. What is his name?

Zach Steele

Maybe someone should have been listening to him I am sure he was screaming for help and no one was there to here his cry's. I guess it is time to close in the open space so no one can fall.

Maybe the Gazette could do a piece about suicides and attempts involving High-school age students. It's a real issue that needs family and community support to solve.

Or we can shut this garage down...how many people need to jump off of it before we realize that its too easy to get to the top of.

Great idea .. why don't we shut down Poet's Seat and the Quabbin lookout tower too while we're at it? Or we could flatten out the Berkshires a bit. And we should definitely shut down the NYC subway and the T, given how many people step in front of trains each year.

Does that mean we should shut down every bridge, college high rise dorm room, mountain top view as well? That isn't the answer. We need to provide better education to the public to the warning signs of depression and suicidal ideology.

That was a joke, right? Not a serious consideration, right?

one would hope as it is clearly a nonsensical statement...

LOL...shut the garage down?????...are you serious ???

Take it easy.

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