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ID: Timothy Curran

  • Tim Curran<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Tim Curran<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Tim Curran<br/>JERREY ROBERTS

Timothy Curran started as a busboy in the restaurant industry and has worked his way up through various positions, including that of waiter, bar back and bartender. He taught himself “flair” bartending (the flashy, entertaining form of creative cocktail presentation) from a video training program provided by one of his former employers, Cahunaville, formerly located at the Ingleside Mall in Holyoke, and by observing others. He has been tending bar for about 10 years.

Full name: Timothy Andrew Curran

People know you as: “Hollywood” or “Curran”

Date and place of birth: May 21, 1983, Springfield

Address: Holyoke

Job: Bartender/Flair Bartender at The Log Cabin, on the Easthampton-Holyoke line

Who lives under the same roof as you? I live in a two-family home — my mother lives on the first floor and I have taken the second floor for myself

Children: No children . . . yet

Education: I went to Holyoke Community College for a year

Pets: No pets, but I would like a dog one day

Hobbies: I like to hike, cook, listen to podcasts and National Public Radio, and photography

Book you’d recommend to a friend: “Joyland” by Stephen King

Favorite movie/TV show/group: Movie — “Man on Fire”; TV Show — “Breaking Bad”; Group — Wu Tang Clan

Five items you can’t live without: Headphones, iPhone, laptop computer, water, pasta

Last thing you purchased just for fun: My brother and I purchased a 10-foot-tall inflatable Santa for Christmas to position outside on my mother’s front lawn to annoy the neighbors

What’s at the top of your bucket list? It might sound pretty simple, but I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard

Life-changing experience: A few years ago, while swimming across the Deerfield River to go cliff diving, I became exhausted and drowned. A friend of mine was able to pull me to safety and give me CPR. A nurse told me that my heart had stopped for about eight minutes and I was extremely lucky not to suffer any brain damage from lack of oxygen. Another friend of mine laughed when I said I won’t go through a car wash anymore because of the light fading away as you go through it. I am very lucky and grateful to be alive

Strangest job you ever held: Working as a bartender can sometimes be like watching a live taping of the “Jerry Springer” show. I have seen grandmothers fist-fighting, a “religious” man using a Holy Bible as a coaster, and drunken live bull riding. Working in bars is not a typical 9 to 5 job — that variety is why I have lasted so long in the industry

Your current Facebook status: I went on Wikipedia to look up the word shawl, took a snapshot from that page of an elderly woman wearing one, and posted it to my page labeled “nice blanket.” I was teasing a friend of mine about her choice of clothing — she was not amused

A little-known fact about you: I constantly compare my height to celebrities. Matt Damon and I are a solid 5’10”

Dumbest thing you ever did: I had called an operator when I was little so I could get a girl’s phone number to ask her out. The operator gave me one number on Lincoln Avenue and another was unlisted. I said “I’ll take the unlisted number please”

One fashion you’d like to see return: I want to see a day when I could wear a fashionable scarf, like Jamie Foxx, and not get repeatedly laughed at by loved ones and close relatives

What really sets you off? I have road rage. Very, very, serious road rage. People who don’t use their turn signals really set me off

If you could spend the day with a celebrity from any time in history, who would it be? I would spend time with George Carlin, because I am certain it would be an interesting conversation. His comedic style always fascinated me — I love comedy

Best advice you ever got: From my sister as we listened to the ocean one night at Hampton Beach. We were sitting on a bench and in response to my question about what I could do with my life (as a career), she sincerely said, “Tim, you can do whatever you want to do”

Favorite place to get a bite: Bottega Cucina in West Springfield. The flatbreads, pastas and ricotta cheesecake are all outstanding. The staff really does make you feel like a regular and it’s still a hidden gem — for now

Your favorite athlete: Jens Pulver, who was a lightweight mixed martial arts champion in the UFC. He has a documentary on Netflix called “Driven.” It is an inspiring look into the life of a kid from a rough home who managed to overcome tremendous abuse. I like a good underdog story

What does your ideal weekend look like? It can be pretty busy since most weekends are booked with weddings, political events or business meetings at The Log Cabin where I currently tend bar

One thing you would change about yourself: Honestly, I drink a bit too much so I would change that. I know my liver would appreciate it

What gives you the creeps? I don’t like falling asleep because I feel that vulnerability about lying paralyzed for eight hours a night

People who knew you in high school thought you were: A clown, but my extroverted side comes and goes, so some people think I’m a bit shy, too

Whom do you most admire? My mom most of all because of her unconditional love. I have seen so many people without positive role models, no mom or dad or without either, struggling to find their way through life. I need and I count on my mother for support during difficult times because she knows me best. I really am a mama’s boy

Parting shot: My favorite words to live by came from athlete Jens Pulver when he said, “You can’t appreciate the time you’re given, too busy counting down, counting down the day you’re gonna lose it.” He talks also about panic and death and the future of his child. He worries about the U.S. and the current state of our economy and his own life decisions. And even through all that uncertainty he still presses on, works through the stress and realizes the overall importance of a loving family and resilience

— Compiled by Brenda Nelson

To suggest someone for ID, send an email to bnelson@gazettenet.com.

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