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The luck of the Irish

This deal was played in the match between Ireland and Denmark at the 1960 women’s world championship. The Danish East-West pair were playing an opening three-notrump bid as “gambling,” indicating a long, solid minor suit with very little else on the side.

The Irish South overcalled with four spades, and the Danish West, aware that her partner’s long suit was clubs, bid five clubs with the 7-4-2! North then decided to do some gambling of her own by raising the ante to six spades. She reasoned that, given the bidding by the opponents, South had at most one club. This proved to be a good decision when South proceeded to make the slam on a squeeze.

West led a club, and East won and continued the suit, ruffed by declarer. South played four rounds of trumps, West discarding a club and two diamonds. Declarer then finessed the queen of diamonds, cashed the ace and ruffed a diamond to produce this position:


[H] A 5 4

[D] 9


[H] J 7 3

[D] K


[H] Q 8

[C] Q J


[S] 8

[H] K 10 9

When South next led the eight of spades, West was forced to discard a heart. As a result, declarer lost no heart tricks and so made the slam.

At the other table, the Danish pair holding the North-South cards stopped at four spades, giving the Irish a substantial pickup on the deal.

Bridge club results

The Northampton Bridge Club welcomes anyone who wishes to play duplicate bridge. Open pairs game: 7 p.m. every Tuesday at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, 1 Atwood Drive, Northampton. The club manager is available at 253-3508 to assist players in need of partners. The club’s website is www.northamptonbridgeclub.com.

There were 15 tables in play May 21.

North-South, overall winners: Roger Webb-Philippe Galaski, 63.28; Timothy Joder-Markus Wagner, 58.25; Irene Friedman-Henry Hewitt, 58.16; Barbara Berrigan-Lee Magee, 57.55; Marilyn Schmidt-Sheila Ryan, 56.91; Alan Peterfreund-Norman Brown, 55.16; James Kaplan-Charles Jackson, 52.58; Fran Becker-Mike Becker, 52.05; Edward Hougen-Arthur Franz, 50.92; Strata B: Irene Friedman-Henry Hewitt, 58.16; Strata C: Alan Peterfreund-Norman Brown, 55.16;

East-West, overall winners: Sonja Smith-David Rock, 64.65; Robert Sagor-James Osofsky, 59.12; Esther Bean-Donald Abel, 56.61; Eva Cashdan-Sheldon Cashdan, 55.86; Anne McCune-James Nowill, 55.46; Evelyn Chesky-George Griffin, 55.09; Kate Spencer-Daniel H. Williams, 53.04; Richard McClure-Barry LaFlam, 51.51; Deborah Simpson-Norann Coggins, 51.41; Strata B: Eva Cashdan-Sheldon Cashdan, 55.86; Strata C: Anne McCune-James Nowill, 55.46;

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