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Lou & Lucy's Leftovers

I’m excited. A year of waiting and tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 3, it’s finally going to happen. Yes, it’s National Snack Day!

Oh, and I guess there is also a football game. I think they call it the Super Bowl or something.

Let’s face it, it’s about the snacks. At least that’s how it is in my world.

I actually did watch the last two games of the playoffs. I went and spent all that time in front of the TV only to have the Pats lose. You may have guessed by now I am not a big football fan. Sorry.

But I am a big snack fan. There are few things I enjoy more than having an excuse to snack all day long. The Super Bowl seems to fit that bill. And that is why I have renamed Super Bowl Sunday to the above mentioned National Snack Day. Now, that’s something I can wrap my head around.

A few must have snacks on NSD:

e_SBlt Something with bones: Chicken wings or ribs

e_SBlt Something spicy: Chili, jalapeño poppers, nachos

e_SBlt Something salty: Nuts, potato chips, Chex Mix

e_SBlt Something green: Guacamole, celery (That’s plenty of green stuff.)

e_SBlt Something sweet (optional): Brownies, cookies, Peanut M&Ms

I would say, after that, anything goes as long as those bases (Bases? This is football, ya know) are covered.

Happy NSD, everyone. And enjoy the game or just the snacks. Or the commercials. Or the wardrobe malfunctions. Or Beyonce ...

– Lucy

You can take your stupid Super Bowl and tell it to go where the sun don’t shine.

I hate football. Always have. Especially since Jan. 20.

It’s not true that I watch every single minute of every Patriots game and am depressed for weeks when they lose.

Bah! Football. Who needs it? I get a headache every time I think about it.

To quote the Ravens, “Nevermore.”

Although, maybe I will whip up some beef short rib nachos since I have some leftover ribs in the fridge. Maybe with some homemade salsa and sharp Cheddar on top of them.

Come to think of it, I might as well watch the game since I have the awesome Beef Short Rib Nachos With Homemade Salsa and Cheese!

There is one good thing about this Super Bowl: After it, we won’t have to see Ray Lewis anymore.

– Lou

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