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Gazette news quiz for this week

1 Now that John Kerry is secretary of state, who has Gov. Deval Patrick appointed to temporarily fill Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat until a special election this summer?

(a) Tom Brady, Patrick’s favorite quarterback.

(b) Matt Damon, Patrick’s favorite movie star.

(c) Ben Affleck, Patrick’s favorite movie director.

(d) William Mo” Cowen, Patrick’s favorite former chief of staff.

2 According to newly retired U.S. Postal Service employee Kent Libby, what customer greeting were workers once encouraged to use?

(a) “Want that to go?”

(b) “Get back behind the white line, and I mean NOW.”

(c) “Show me your package.”

(d) “Hello, how are you?”

3 Mount Holyoke professor Darby Dyar had this to say in Tuesday’s Gazette: “As a geologist, it’s frustrating not to be there, but as an analytical geochemist, it’s incredibly exciting. It shows that with this incredible instrumentation, we don’t have to be there.” Where does she mean?

(a) The mysterious, miles-deep caverns of Antarctica that have appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

(b) The highest mountain in North Korea.

(c) Inside the tomb of the Virgin Mary in a hidden basement of the Louvre.

(d) The surface of Mars, the red planet.

4 A state policy change is expected to revive a project to update Pulaski Park in downtown Northampton. What does the designer envision in early drawings?

(a) Tent camping sites with composting toilets.

(b) Reflecting pool with coin-op duck food dispensers.

(c) A “Jenny Lind Alcove” with listening stations.

(d) A “Great Lawn” with an outdoor performance structure.

5 Northampton is offering a free smartphone app that allows residents to interact with the city. What have residents already used the new app to complain about?

(a) A pile of rubbish in the Round House parking lot.

(b) Parking meter malfunctions on Elm Street.

(c) UFOs reported hovering over City Hall under cover of darkness.

(d) A dead fox along Route 9.

6 Who said the following about a recent public event? “I was trying to keep my cool, but in my head I was freaking out.”

(a) Marcus Camby as his number was retired at UMass.

(b) Emma Henderson of Southampton, who sang at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s swearing-in.

(c) Hillary Clinton while facing questions over the Benghazi attack.

(d) Northampton Police Officer William Butler at his first private road detail.

7 The U.S. military has just announced that women will be allowed to serve in all combat roles. What headline did the Gazette use for this story?

(a) I am woman: Watch me kill

(b) This is progress?

(c) Military should let nobody have combat roles

(d) Locals cheer women in combat shift

8 Identify the focus of the Valley project dubbed “How Do You Say Goodbye?”

(a) The coming demolition of the old Easthampton High School.

(b) A Forbes Library workshop on Facebook de-friending.

(c) A Pelham men’s group drum circle devoted to hair loss.

(d) A newly funded effort guiding children on ways to divorce their parents.

9 A couple in Granby have a picture of an animal in their yard that they claim is what rare species?

(a) A spotted atrocious.

(b) A leopard.

(c) An albatross.

(d) A cougar.

10 What two words was Nancy Hanson surprised to hear in the same sentence after moving to the Valley?

(a) Popover and diet.

(b) Hero and farmer.

(c) Cougar and Pilates.

(d) Roller and derby.

Answers: 1-d; 2-d; 3-d; 4-d; 5-a, b and d (UFOs are only reported in Amherst); 6-b; 7-d; 8-a; 9-d; 10-b

Monte’s answer: c

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