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1 Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray had to stand in for Gov. Deval Patrick at a state grant ceremony in Easthampton last Friday because the governor ...

(a) ... was measuring the floor space in U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s D.C. offices.

(b) ... and his wife had flown to Losersville, Utah, to have dinner with Mitt Romney.

(c) ... had the sniffles.

(d) ... and his wife had flown to Washington, D.C., to have dinner with President Obama.

2 At Town Meeting, Amherst residents will soon consider a new bylaw that would:

(a) Require left-hand turns on yellow.

(b) Limit new construction in North Amherst to 23 stories.

(c) Ban use of polystyrene foam containers in restaurants.

(d) Require coffeehouse customers to bring their own mugs.

3 What is the latest development in the Northampton High School start-time issue?

(a) An additional proposal has been floated that allows kids to stay home all day and tele-conference in after they wake up.

(b) An additional proposal has been floated that actually moves back the start time to 6 a.m.

(c) Who knows? It has been unresolved for so long that nobody can remember just what is being discussed.

(d) A possible vote on whether to move the school start time to a later time was delayed.

4 With the Nov. 6 election results still fresh, talk in Massachusetts turned to speculation about:

(a) Mitt Romney’s political future.

(b) The future of John Kerry’s Senate seat, if he is tapped to be the next secretary of state.

(c) Scott Brown’s interest in succeeding Deval Patrick as governor.

(d) Sick of the above.

5 What is under construction that will serve as a fund-raising tool for programs to serve the homeless and hungry in the Amherst community?

(a) An ATM that only accepts money for donations.

(b) A Woody Guthrie sculpture.

(c) An umbrella sculpture.

(d) A cow sculpture.

6 What possible state edict has some businesses worried in western Massachusetts?

(a) A restriction on wood shipments because of the invasive emerald ash borer.

(b) The return of blue laws.

(c) An increase in the state minimum wage.

(d) A shareholders’ rights initiative limiting CEO pay.

7 Retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus abruptly resigned as director of the CIA last week, admitting ...

(a) ... the CIA was secretly financing Mitt Romney’s campaign, because it felt Romney could be molded to do whatever the CIA wanted him to do.

(b) ... the existence of 13 “CIA black ops” that use torture to gain information from possible terrorists.

(c) ... he suffered debilitating shoulder fatigue from all those metal stars.

(d) ... to having an extramarital affair.

8 A Southampton man received a 2- to 4-year state prison term this week for:

(a) Attempting to blow up his rented home.

(b) Impersonating a police officer.

(c) Impersonating an impersonator at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee.

(d) Embezzling $3,413 from the town’s Boy Scout troop.

9 Just how classy is Mitt Romney? He told his top donors he lost the presidential election because ...

(a) ... the people had spoken and the country must come together to solve our problems.

(b) ... it was a choice between two different philosophies and the people had chosen Preisdent Obama’s, which he respects.

(c) ... sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you want but life goes on and we’re all in this together.

(d) ... President Obama won because of the “gifts” he had already provided to blacks, Hispanics and young voters and because of Obama’s efforts to paint Romney as anti-immigrant. Romney acknowledged no major missteps on his own part.

10 What drew at least 30 onlookers to a field off South East Street in Amherst this week?

(a) An unusual sighting of a rufous-backed robin.

(b) A fairly common sighting of a fleece-backed robin.

(c) The planned auction of the site of the proposed Strawberry Fields housing development.

(d) Town Manager John Musante’s inaugural Zumba class.

Answers: 1-d; 2-c; 3-d; 4-pretty much all of these are correct; 5-d; 6-a; 7-d; 8-a; 9-d; 10-c

Monte’s answer: b

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