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Rev. Paul W. Gustine: Fund the government, but without Affordable Care Act

Emmett Reistroffer, of Sioux Falls, S.D., waves to passersby while dressed in scrubs and wearing a President Barack Obama mask during a protest of the Affordable Healthcare Act in downtown Sioux Falls, S.D., Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Argus Leader, Joe Ahlquist) NO SALES

Emmett Reistroffer, of Sioux Falls, S.D., waves to passersby while dressed in scrubs and wearing a President Barack Obama mask during a protest of the Affordable Healthcare Act in downtown Sioux Falls, S.D., Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Argus Leader, Joe Ahlquist) NO SALES

To the editor:

I want Congress to vote for a continuing resolution that de-funds the Affordable Care Act.

I also urge the Senate majority leader to do something meaningful to cut irresponsible spending to enable a sensible compromise on the debt ceiling.

The U.S. Senate under Sen. Harry Reid has been incompetent. The Senate passes a CR every year instead of seriously working on budgets passed by the House. Under these CRs the government continues to grow. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s daughters are obligated for a trillion dollars more of debt every year, but her concern is for my health insurance to pay for her daughters’ contraception.

Our federal government is spending more money that we do not have than any nation in the history of civilization. If we confiscated all the wealth of billionaires and millionaires, it would only balance the budget for one year. This does not begin to deal with the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare and government pensions. There are 90 million adult Americans not working. There are 48 million Americans on food stamps.

The Affordable Care Act will contribute to unemployment. It is motivating companies to move people to part-time jobs. The act will increase deficits each year. President Obama has said repeatedly that jobs are his first priority. The Affordable Care Act contradicts this priority and is helping to destroy the American economy.

The biggest problem with the deadlock in Congress is that members of the Democratic Party in the U. S. Senate treat trillion-dollar deficits as business as usual. The House is telling the Senate it is time to wake up.

Now the administration is granting waivers to the act. Most appalling is the granting of subsidies to Congress and their staff. People in Washington should live by the same laws. This is proof the Affordable Care Act is not good law. They want to exempt themselves.

I do not trust the federal government with my health records. I think the recent irregularities at the IRS demonstrate that this information could be misused.

God save America.

Rev. Paul W. Gustine


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The only accurate statement in your whole rant is: "I do not trust the federal government with my health records."

Well he does asound like any other self serving christian who only cares about himself and other people exactly like him.

Oh my God, ignorance must be bliss. Maybe "Sheep's are us" should be your slogan. Maybe a bumper sticker? One day you will understand, ah probably not.

Obama disapproval soaring to all time high now. What a bummer for Nancy, Harry and Barack! approve disapprove difference RCP Average 9/19 - 10/2 -- 43.8 51.1 -7.3 Gallup 9/30 - 10/2 1500 A 44 50 -6 Rasmussen Reports 9/30 - 10/2 1500 LV 47 51 -4 The Economist/YouGov 9/28 - 9/30 723 RV 43 53 -10 CNN/Opinion Research 9/27 - 9/29 803 A 44 53 -9 Quinnipiac 9/23 - 9/29 1497 RV 45 49 -4 Reuters/Ipsos 9/20 - 9/24 1729 A 39 55 -16

Right, and the republican house's approval is soaring to an all-time high for what they're trying to do. Oh, wait... Seriously, Gary, do you even bother to think about this mindless drivel before you post it?

Gary, again you and the republicans lost the election. Such sore losers, and pathetic is how you all are, including the Rev! Oh, if only you all would put your energy towards eliminating the oil subsidies that the big oil companies get as tax breaks compliments of us, the tax payers, or maybe you could stop the billions of dollars that are sent overseas, maybe you could close the nice tax loop holes for corporations, or even better, get congress to stop giving themselves the "golden parachutes" that start when they are elected. But you won't, you know why? I will tell you, you are a coward and like the others that support this shutdown, you are all bullies.

Reverend: Your letter contains several factual errors: - The Senate passed a budget six months ago and requested a conference committee to discuss the differences between the House and Senate versions. Senator McConnell (R-KY) and some house GOP members sabotaged such a conference until Monday night when it was irrelevant. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/01/budget-conference-republicans_n_4020621.html - The US Deficit is decreasing over Obama's tenure. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505123_162-57584449/feds-u.s-goverment-deficit-is-plunging/ - The healthcare law will decrease the deficit. And conversely, repealing it would increase the deficit. http://schwartz.house.gov/press-release/cbo-affordable-care-act-will-reduce-deficit-109-billion#.Uk3JrlOE4gc - Part time work has increased since the recession, but not due to Obamacare. http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2013/09/ranks_of_part-time_workers_sti.html - There is no objective evidence that Obamacare negatively impacts jobs http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/03/us/despite-criticisms-health-care-laws-impact-on-jobs-is-still-unclear.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=politics& - Congress is not getting any special treatment under the law. http://www.politico.com/story/2013/09/obamacare-congress-special-treatment-97526.html I suggest you consult a wider variety of sources in the future. Patrick

GREAT letter! Well said. I hope people take what you've written to heart and realize you're telling the absolute truth.

Perhaps the "good" Rev could, instead of attacking our people and programs in place assist in obtaining affordable health care, he could revisit his education of Bachelor of Theology ; Master of Divinity, Bible/Theology Baptist Bible College & Seminary; apparently, he did not do very well. In saying this, perhaps most he needs to not focus on the money in his own pockets, instead be a humble servant.

You call yourself a Christian?

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