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Roger Salloom: NRA again stands in way of wise gun control

To the editor:

Once again, the National Rifle Association has shampooed its new carpet on the runway to a mass murder site. The restrictive laws prohibiting behavioral scientists from speaking to each other about mentally ill patients has conspired with the NRA to tatter and shred our people.

What again is the definition of insanity?

Roger Salloom


Legacy Comments1

Sigh............ the uninformed peanut gallery pops up again. Two facts: First: The Navy Stockyard killer had documented mental issues. However, the State of Maryland did not report his mental issues to the national database (NCICS) of people that should not be allowed to purchase firearms. The NRA has consistently supported keeping mentally ill people from purchasing firearms. It has been the STATES, including MA, that have not the reported mentally ill people. Let's be serious here: a mentally ill person can easily have no police record that would keep them from legally purchasing a firearm. A mentally ill person can also easily LIE on the federal form concerning their mental illness. Without the states reporting to the database, how are mentally ill people supposed to be kept from legally purchasing firearms. Second: It was President Bill Clinton's Executive Order that banned military personnel from having ammunition on them inside a military base. So, once security was breached, it was a gun-free zone that the gunman had all to himself. A large contained area where no one could shoot back. Yet one more mass killing in a "gun free zone." Think about that.

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